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Moda Positano – the fashion never Old-Fashioned

When someone thinks of Positano, the first things that come to their mind are the sea, the sun and the marvelous landscapes but Positano is more than that.
There are many other features which make the small town worth visiting.

For example both women and men should go shopping in the narrow and alleys at least once in their life.
The fabrics used for these particular garments are linen, laces and embroideries. Apart from being thouroughly natural, these fabrics are light, thin and donate a sensation of freshness on the skin, which turns out perfect to get over the summer’s heat of the Amalfi Coast.

Clothes for women usually have frill sleeves and hems along with colorful, floral patterns. They can be long dresses, tight sleeveless tops with coordinated skirts, short shirts with wide leg pants.
For men there are all sorts of trousers, shorts and shirts in pastel, bright colors.
Sometimes it is possible to find matching clothes for women and men with the same color/pattern.
The success for Positano’s tailoring rose in the 50s thanks to the lightheartedness it inspired in the many visitors from all over the world. It was in that period when Positano became one of the most loved locations for elite tourism. Since then Positano fashion never got out of style but it kept renewing itself to keep up with the times. By buying one of these clothings is like bringing home a piece of summer.

It is very important to remark that the original Positano fashion is handmade in Positano. The expert seamstresses pack their creations in local workshops with love.
Not to be forgotten are also the leather sandals custom-made on request by the shoemakers in 30 minutes. It is possible to enter the shop and choose the color and costume jewels to put on the sandals’ stripes.
Everybody will be captured by the magic of this lively fashion and definetely nobody can leave from Positano without buying a new attire.

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