We can state with immense pride that our beloved Amalfi Coast has been one of the most chosen destinations during the summer 2022, the year of rebirth after the pandemic, which has largely exceeded even the numbers of 2019.

The accommodation facilities have already been sold-out starting from the spring months, thanks to the  wonders of our territory, the professionalism in welcoming tourists and the big desire to travel after two years of restrictions.

All this has led to a very busy season for local companies, which have been happy to work to their full potential, each in its own specific sector.

At Positano Boats we have had the pleasure of hosting tourists from all over the world aboard of our boats.

Undoubtedly the most consistent portion of those who have chosen our land has been made up of Americans, followed by Australians, English, Koreans, South Americans, Arabs, Indians, French, Germans and despite the difficulties to find flights, even many Russians have not resisted the allure of the Coast.

We want to thank you all, one by one, for choosing us and for having entrusted us with the task of making your stay in Positano unforgettable.

We hope we have succeeded in making you discover the beauty of the coast, with its small bays, caves and clear waters.

The wish for 2023 is that it can be an equally wonderful and eventful season.

We are getting ready to welcome travelers with renewed enthusiasm in 2023, always trying to improve the services offered and hopefully next year very many will honor us with their presence again.

We just can’t wait for the Summer to be back.


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